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Welcome To Bound…

“BOUND is a site that focuses on thriving cities, and I want to dig deeper into the lives of the creative individuals who live in them. Over the years I’ve met a number of wonderful people from all corners of the globe who share the same interests as me when it comes to music, fashion and adventure-seeking. These people are my inspiration and the reason why BOUND has evolved from a collection of photos on Tumblr into its own website. 

This is a vision of my dream publication, but what I’m hoping is that one day BOUND becomes your magazine and I just help you run it.

Special thanks to Gabrielle Graham for coming up with the name BOUND and helping me put this all together. Gaby is now smashing it working for END, and I hope one day she too, can become a huge part of this project.

So please, take a look around…”

Andrew Leese – Director of BOUND